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  • Fast changeover times due to servo technology
  • Many motorized adjustments possible during production
  • Robust construction


  • Industrial packaging (with and without handle)
  • Boutique and supermarket bags

Product information

The TRIUMPH 5-F6 is the new machine for medium and large-format block bottom bags. The machine represents the next generation of our TRIUMPH series and it adds some great innovations to the known successful features of the series, to make your production even more efficient. Continuous further development by GARANT and the use of SERVO technology leads to a reduction in set-up time for format changes of up to 50% compared to other block bottom bag machines.

Technical Data

Format Ranges

Bag width:180 - 460 mm7.09 - 18.11 inch
Bottom width:70 - 255 mm2.75 - 10.00 inch
Cut-off length:320 - 770 mm12.60 - 30.31 inch
Roll width:max. 1450 mmmax. 57.09 inch
Roll diameter:max. 1300 mmmax. 51.18 inch



  • SERVO window die cut unit
  • Bottom patch unit
  • Inline printer
  • Thumb hole unit
  • Feeding unit / cross pasting
  • Flat handle unit
  • Twistet handle unit

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