Flush-cut and stepped-end tuber AM 2160/65 R, Ref. 8144 G

At a Glance

ManufacturerWindmöller & Hölscher
Year of construction1975 / 2020 reconditioned

Technical data
Tube length with flush-cut55 - 165 cm
Tube length with stepped-end55 - 132 cm
Tube width30 - 65 cm
Paper reel diametermax. 130 cm

Product information

Essentially equipped with

  • 4 unwind stands with shafts and cones, semi-automatic reel change
  • Automatic paper web brake
  • Edge guide control
  • S-draw unit
  • Perforation stand for 4 plies in a 6-ply frame for the production of stepped-end tubes, driven by sliding cranks, with lateral adjustment
  • Cross-pasting station for 4 plies in a 6-ply frame, driven by sliding cranks, with regulation of each station in longitudinal direction and for additional fine adjustment, including continuous rotation of the glue rollers at machine standstill
  • register rollers for the adjustment of the cross-pasting and perforation
  • longitudinal pastin
  • Tube formation for flat tubes
  • Machine head with 2 paper draws, pneumatic pressing, hold-down rollers, tear-off-station, auxiliary draw between holding rollers and cutting device, cutting unit driven by sliding crank, with change gearbox (Norton box) for cuts of 5 x 5 mm between 55 – 132 cm and 10 mm over 132 cm cut-off length
  • Register control / photocell for the work with pre-printed material, with regulator, PIV and control
  • ejector belts and press-, counting- and separating station
  • New switch cabinet with Siemens S7 control, A.C. main drive and touch panel

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