Technical Showroom

Like every machine manufacturer, GARANT is faced with the challenge of inspiring customers for a machine not only with pictures of the machines and facts. Most machines are not available immediately, but are only manufactured after the customer has placed an order. It is therefore difficult, especially for new customers, to get an impression of the size and quality of the machines.

A technical showroom was the solution.

It gives customers the opportunity to look at machines in operation, to get to know end products and to get an idea of production at GARANT.
The detailed planning and construction began in mid-2015.
A separation from the production was made by the colour design and a glass wall. Thus a protected room was created, which nevertheless appears open and bright through the glass wall.
Large pictures on the walls around the technical showroom show part of the machine program. In the technical showroom itself there are further possibilities to inform yourself about the different machines.

The technical showroom was completed in January 2016. The first visitors included a regular customer from Italy, whose machine park includes many GARANT machines, as well as a new customer from Pakistan. Both were very positive about the modern equipment and the possibility to have a look at different machines in production.
Existing and new customers are happy to take advantage of the opportunity to present their products in the technical showroom to answer their questions. The desired formats and thus the suitable machine can be specified for different end products.

Currently you can convince yourself of the GARANT quality on the following machines:

TRIUMPH 2-T8 with inner handle unit SM


MATADOR NG with window unit